Rebuilding of School – Milot, Haiti

In 2013, the Overseas Medical Assistance Team (OMAT) responded to a desperate plea from the Ebenezer School in Milot, Haiti. Although the OMAT tends to focus on its medical agenda, it could not say no when presented the opportunity to make a life-changing impact on students in this community by replacing a school that was in great disrepair. Due to the rudimentary building design, the roof of the school would leak so badly that school was frequently dismissed on rainy days. Today, thanks to the work of the OMAT, what was once an unfinished structure made with mostly sand and cement is now a modern building reinforced with steel beams. The new and improved school building was dedicated in September of 2015, and its doors were opened so students could begin the school year in brand new classrooms.  The structure shown in the video below was built mainly through donations from generous contributors who understood the lasting impact that an improved school building would have on the community

After a year of fundraising, the Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church, lead by its pastor Dr. Dion Harrigan, partnered with the OMAT’s president Stephen Carryl, MD and secretary JoAnne Williams-Carryl on a weeklong mission in June 2014 to break down the old structure and begin rebuilding the school.

 Twenty-five people gave of their time and funds to help make this project possible.  We thank Owen Baker, Leigha Carryl, Samella Carryl, Luciana Connor, Amelia Flynn, Andy Gauthier, Angie Gauthier, Randy Gauthier, Dion Harrigan, Bernard Hyppolite, Jony Hyppolite, Michelle Hyppolite, Mona Hyppolite, Alden King, Deshaunda King, Merrith Knight, Christine Nelson, Alysaa Phyars, Reginald Rene, Ken Roberson, Marcia Roberson, Kisha Romain, Marie Gladys Romain, Gasmyr Valcin and Rosemarie Williams for their volunteering spirit and hard work in accomplishing this task.  We thank the many members who could not go on the mission but made pledges and sponsored the young people.



Curious minds fill the classrooms of the Ebenezer School each year, and its students can now excel in an atmosphere conducive to learning.  A vision the teachers and children dreamed of has now become a reality in part to the generous contributions of members and visitors of Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church and the OMAT’s fund raising efforts.  A special thank you goes to the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center for their donation of $10,000 to the project.

Dr. Patrick Leblanc and Dr. Bernadette Sheridan are longtime volunteers and supporters of the OMAT who both gave generously so the vision could be realized.  Owen Baker of Sydmac Properties was instrumental in teaching the local builders how to ensure that walls were level and reinforced and how to install sheetrock.  His invaluable contribution to the building project and donation of funds from Vinneth Barnes (Sydmac) can never be forgotten.  Engineer Merrith Knight worked with the local engineer to ensure that the structure was built to code. These skilled professionals volunteered their time to make the mission and the school building project a grand success!

But the work is not over.  The school is still in need of financial assistance to purchase computers and school supplies as well as to provide scholarships for students.  The school has a great reputation for offering an excellent education, but resources are limited in the community and several children are unable to attend school due to lack of funds.Your donations are welcome to help with maintenance of this wonderful structure. Please mark your donation Ebenezer School.

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